Examples of types of submissions of interest to us:

  • Share experiences of teaching, of experiments
  • The ethical dilemmas and implications involved
  • Experiences and evaluations of students involved
  • Propose theories about why some things work and don’t
  • General culture of teaching/learning and difficulty of developing different methods in the context of traditional education
  • Provide suggestions, frameworks, approaches for people to teach
  • Exploring the way theories and pedagogies of leadership inform the practices we use

We encourage submissions that:

  • Are inclusive of a broad range of creative media and forms of communicating ideas: audio, video, photography, text and multimodal.
  • Engage the head and the heart, privileging personal voice over academic voice.
  • Come from diverse areas of practice: non-profit, politics, corporate, K-12, higher education, and everywhere else.
  • Encourage readers/viewers/listeners to think and act differently.
  • Are original work (which may also include new ways of explaining work from other places).
  • Help bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Engage controversial perspectives with courage and compassion.
  • Help build a community of practice in leadership development and education, including collaborative pieces created with others.

We encourage authors / makers to submit brief summaries 100-250 words, a small number of images, or short multimedia piece to the editors to create a discussion about what will fit in the journal. Summaries need not be in the same form (text, audio, photo, etc.) as the final submission.