Forums to discuss leadership development are plentiful: the Journal of Leadership Education, the Journal of Leadership Studies, the Association of Leadership Educators, the International Leadership Association, and many smaller organizations, publications, and events. So why start a new one?

In 2013, educators from around the country gathered to learn about and experiment with new models of teaching leadership to undergraduate students. A familiar question arose: how can we continue this conversation beyond this conference? And how can we bring others into the conversation? Can we build a community of practice? The current venues for discussing leadership education aren’t satisfying: they move too slowly, they talk too formally, and the barriers to participation from a diverse array of educators and students are too high.

Adapticity is a response to these challenges. Drawing from collaborators around the country, including folks at the Kansas Leadership Center, the University of Minnesota, the University of San Diego, Drake University, and Andrews University, Adapticity is an experiment at creating a journal and online platform for conversation, debate, and both practical and visionary thinking about the practice of leadership development.

We are Adapticity because we are building capacity for leadership to address the deep, adaptive challenges of our 21st century world.

Our first call for writing solicited responses to the question: What methods or approaches will be most important to teaching leadership in the 21st Century? The responses are both prescriptions for future action and prompts to think differently. They are waypoints for the next steps in our journey together.

Want to join us? Write for us. Join our editorial team. Read, discuss and share.