The purpose of Adapticity is to cultivate the adaptive leadership necessary to address the complex challenges we face in our modern society.

We begin from the premise that we teach in ways that parallel how we were taught. Our goal is to create a community that can steer us away from traditional pedagogies that don’t work toward methods that encourage democratic, adaptive, and effective teaching that will help people thrive in the 21st century.


The mission of Adapticity is to grow a global community of practice for people teaching, coaching, or facilitating leadership or who are interested in doing it.

We’re especially interested in pedagogies or methodologies that engage learners in practicing leadership in real time, such as case-in-point, facilitation, experiential learning, and coaching.

The Adapticity Journal is an open access platform for exchanging ideas, commentaries, research, and methods related to how we teach and learn leadership. Our editorial processes are based on open, interactive review with the goal of publishing innovative and engaging work that generates meaningful dialog among contributors, the editorial team, and our readers.

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